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Every industry faces its own unique challenges. Overcome them with a ready business management software that is fast, flexible solutions from Microsoft & OneTech.

Wholesale Distribution

Inventory Optimisation

Track and analyse shelf life, avoid overstock, minimize waste, and create accurate purchasing.

Familiar Tools

Easily extract data from Dynamics to familiar tools such as Word and Excel to and conduct further analysis.

Real-Time Visibility

View accurate sales analysis, service levels, margins and customer buying patterns. Equipped with this information, leaders can make informed decisions and make operational efficiencies.

Credit Control

Automate credit checks, create debtor list, generate automated reminder letters and email statements.

Product Traceability

Trace by lot, batch or consignment numbers, allowing products to be tracked throughout the supply chain and know when and to whom products have been sold.

Warehouse Handling

Faster and more accurate processing using hand held devices to reduce human error. Ensure that customers receive exactly the right order for even greater customer satisfaction.



Simplify your retail operations

Streamline your business with an integrated solution that covers your whole retail operation.

Oversee the whole business from headquarters

Manage your whole activity from central office: monitor sales, stock levels and productivity.

Guarantee uninterrupted service

Offer your customers an invariably excellent service, as our flexible solutions can also work offline.

Reach out to modern consumers

Notify your customers when their prescriptions are close to their last withdrawal via email, text message and mobile app notification.



Real Time Data

With visibility into real-time data, you can improve the accuracy of your forecasts and better manage production, which means reduced lead times, smarter inventory management, higher quality, and a positive impact on the bottom line.


With advanced warehouse management functionality, you can handle any fulfillment demand.

Information Share

The ability to provide information such as advance ship notices to trading partners is critical. With fast, flexible access to your data, you can efficiently share important information.

Specific Methods

Make to order, configure to order, engineer to order with a fully integrated product configuration, you can reduce order processing time, cost, and errors.


Food &


Complete Visibility & Tractability

Assign characteristics to batches including expiration and best-before dates. Track and trace produce with complete visibility of all raw materials and semi-products through all stages of the supply chain, using automated, electronic processes. Register and monitor customer and vendor specific best-before dates and ensure that products are picked based on the shortest expiration date of delivery (FEFO)

Optimize production scheduling

Multiple production strategies can be executed including configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and make-to-order. The built-in flexibility enables agile adjustment to changes in demand.

Improve delivery & Productivity

Supported for static and Adhoc routes, load sequencing, route optimization, distribution centers and vendor-managed inventory
Integrate processes across departments – purchasing, production, sales, accounting – maintaining cost control on all commodities at critical supply chain points. Adjust formulas dynamically based on predefined ratios and scaling and set qualitative and quantitative lot and product attributes that can be inherited by the finished item




Profit structure control & management, Business party reporting, BI applications

Make smarter decisions

With a clear view of your business, including sales, your Finance Department will be able to make faster, better-informed decisions. Also, you'll be able to share results, allowing Customer Service Departments to more easily target shortfalls or revenue streams.


Manage billing, payments and revenue, while making sure customers are kept up-to-date with their payment schedules effortlessly. Moreover, improve visibility over payments and transactions, credit management, and revenues across your business.


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Dynamics 365 


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